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      Bipartisan bill seeks to boost foreign adoptions

Please pass this on to your friends! If you’ve not ever reached out to your Senator or Representative, this is a great opportunity to get active in asking them to help orphans in need of a family!

Today, a very special family is celebrating a very special Christmas in China. Our doctors met this sweet little girl a year ago at Little Flower Projects. Over the course of the last few months we were able to help her find her Forever Family. Today they celebrate the power of love and hope spanning miles to create something wonderful: family. Merry Christmas!

Back to Little Flower

So far this trip, we have spent some wonderful hours at Little Flower Projects, one of the organizations who is vital to the new heart home. We have spent time with some of the orphans who desperately need the kind of care we want to offer. 

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A New Venture in China

Another Little Hearts team is in China right now, a few of us who have come before, a few are new to us but extremely eager to help. There are a few exciting new opportunities on the horizon for us. But I should start with a little history!

As you may know, those of us who comprise Little Hearts Medical are interested in strengthening the existing care available for orphans with heart disease in China. Our current resources include some adventurous volunteers with good medical or organizational skills and big hearts and a small band of faithful supporters. 

In the past few trips to Beijing we have been privileged to be able to teach CPR and simple assessment to Little Flower Projects medical foster home, do some teaching at local hospitals, help with some new, much needed techniques for catheterizations, buy some essential equipment for the foster home, share some massage techniques to use with the kids.

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Update: 5k Wrap, Grants, New Office

While things have been quiet from us here at Little Hearts Medical, much has been happening. 

Our $5k Run/Walk saw more than 90 participants and raised more than $2,000 net. We had a great start for what we hope will be an amazing annual event with sponsorships from Industrial Crossfit in Vancouver and NW Sign Solutions.

Also, two weeks ago we signed a lease on a great office space in Battle Ground, Washington which will be used to build supply packages for Little Flower Foster Home and prepare our teams with medical supplies for upcoming trips to China. 

We also received invitations to write for grants from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation and McDonald’s House Charities. It’s a new experience for us here and an exciting one to be a part of.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Continued Momentum

So much has been accomplished on this trip. We have awakened early and hurried off to plan our future here in China and see children during work breaks who can use all the help they can get.

So far we have met with officials from BaYi Children’s Hospital, Beijing United Hospital (BJU), Chunmiao Foundation and Philips Healthcare. 

Our team will work side-by-side with doctors and nurses at both hospitals (and probably others) as we train advanced techniques to treat heart disease. Dr Zhou and his team at BaYi, Dr Rutstein and his team at BJU are amazing, service-focused people!

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An Afternoon at BaYi Children’s Hospital

It is Tuesday afternoon and I have been sitting in Dr Zhou’s office in BaYi Children’s Hospital for seven hours. 

Dr Langley is observing a surgical case that Dr Zhou is performing, Dr Armsby is in the heart cath lab with two cases and Tanya is in the Pediatric ICU observing the nurses at work.

I have no internet access and have been able to furiously clean up notes from our many meetings, as well as create a ton of working tools and documents which detail our plans with our various partners here in China.

As I type, I can hear a woman crying outside of Dr Zhou’s office. I can not understand the words a friend or family member of hers is speaking into a cell phone. But even language barriers can not block the raw emotions felt by a family member as their child suffers. 

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